Welcome to the guild campaign!
This game will host many of my custom rules for the game to promote balance and fun. Please refer below for information

Any Content I have a book or PDF for is welcome with my approval. Keep in mind whatever you pick will add in other things from said book or pdf as well. Templates may be approved as well but contact me with what you want to play as first.

Point buy – 32 points 1 for 1. That means unlike DDO the cost does not increase as you raise your stats, but you are still capped at +10 from your base score

Personalization – This is a special rule I came up with to help improve the depth of the game. All players are required to come up with one element to add to the game. This can be a person, or family, a place like a city or a special dungeon or tower, an object such as a legendary weapon your character is hunting after, ect. All elements must be approved by me and must be tied into a small backstory from where your character came from, as well as where they are heading in there life.

Starting level is 10. Magic level will be determined by popular vote

Game will start in the Fayrune continent but other continents exists – both custom and setting

Intertwined Adventures – The guild is quite large, if enough players are interested I will split the group up into 2 and run on different days. Each game session will be run once a week.

About my style – I dont make just 1 or 2 things happen for the players. Before I even accept players into my games I have a great deal of things going on in the world from very basic low CR things to major world changing things. With this in mind all players are required to use there heads when they think they may be going in over there head.

Nerfs – To balance some things out in the game the following nerfs are in effect

poly morphing – no polly effects are permanent, I will give an assigned time to any players who take polly type spells. I will also limit the options of what you can transform into a bit as well.

shape shifting – no player can transform into a creature with a higher ECL then they do.
Your form choices are limited to the land that you came from as a druid, as well as any applicable creatures that befriend you

Dispel Changes – higher level dispel spells do not permanently remove effects of items, but will still remove magic effects – even the ones applied via permanency

Crafting – Due to how I run XP there is no XP cost for making items. There is still an XP hit tho for major spells such as miracle and wish.

Bonuses – Many classes get a bonus related to a stat. These bonuses are all not to exceed the class level of that class. Example – paladin CHA to saves. You only need 2 levels of paladin to get the class feature. but even with a +5 mod to your CHA you would only get a +2 bonus to your saves if you only took 2 levels of paladin. This is to prevent nearly unstoppable players from appearing from having open content.

Rules on spells – Any class that leans spells from study can only choose spells from where they learned there trade, or with a backstory. Trade is a big thing in a big world so expect spell scrolls from all over the world to appear from time to time,
Spontaneous casters can choose any spell they have seen with there own eyes outside of there area.
Divine casters are uneffected by this rule due to the source of there power

3.5 has nearly unlimited options for race and class combos. If anyone has any questions or think any of these rules would gimp or ruin a class that I may not have seen, let me know and I will take a look at them and may provide an exclusion or an adjustment.